Even though I have stepped down as the PPC I still believe in the following

  • Every person has the right to be able to access the best health care, free at the point of delivery, paid for by taxation.  No-one or company should be allowed to make excessive profits at the expenses of providing local health care.  The drive by the last Labour Government toward PFIs was wrong and needs to be addressed.
  • Education is a basic tenet for every child so that they can mature into an adult able to enter the work force.  We will continue to support the Lib Dem policy of the pupil premium.
  • Poor public transport across the county needs improving – Lincoln needs a park and rise that will lead to an increase in bus services
  • Social Housing – the county needs housing for young couples to start their family life and homes for people to build their lives from.  We must use brown field sites.  It is a disgrace that only 5 social houses have been built in past couple of decades by Lincoln City Council.
  • Community Centres – local communities need places for people to meet and share knowledge and life skills.  We must protect those that currently exist in the county, especially for the vulnerable members of our society and if possible re-open those that have been closed by the Tories.   
  • Water management – we see street flooding every time it rains and yet there is a drought.  Water companies must be made to ‘harvest’ the rain that is freely given from the skies. 
  • Council buildings need to be energy efficient.
  • We will look to develop green technologies.
  • Road maintenance must be improved.  Potholes are dangerous not only for vehicles but also to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Lincolnshire needs unitary authorities – the savings to every one in the county could be substantial.  Only the Liberal Democrats are seriously talking about this and saving you money.