3rd July – almost US independence

What a couple of weeks.  I feel as though I have been in training day after training day – oh I have.  Last week started with a clinic day folowed by two days on child protection, which actually was thought provoking.  Followed by a day seeing patients, followed by two days in Leeds at a employment/safety conference.  A day off, well almost, cleared some of the paperwork that had built up, watch first half of England v Germany and gave up deciding the grass needed cutting.   Apparently did not miss much in second half.  Then learnt how to build a nuclear submarine.  Not sure how useful that will be west of the Wolds.  Next off the Nottingham for three days re-accreditation of my safety reps ticket.  That brought me to Thursday of this week.  I still have not sorted out the route for the MattDotCom run at the weekend but I needed some me time.  So went off to band practice.  I may get to play the right note in the right place one day.  Possible chance of dinner with Nick Clegg next week but I am not going to hold out too much hope.  As usual put me second and should have been in touch with Martin sooner.  Oh well I will learn one day, there again maybe not.  Friday patients, students, consultant in that order.  Then home and deal with a problem for a member.  Dinner with Sharon was really pleasant, used up some chopped tomatoes she had opened by mistake earlier in the week, along with some new potatoes and some chicken.  The rebuilt outhouse has become a favoured room for breakfast and dinner when there is just the two of us.  Watching the birds in the garden, we now have three feeders with seed and a bird table, plus an upturned dustbin lid for water.  Visitors include, lots of sparrrow, a collared dove, 2 wrens, 3 wood pidgeons, a number of blackbirds, a thrush or two, a couple of tits but not sure which ones yet and a robin.   Finally got the list out to the teenagers, but Sharon wants to start Sunday not Saturday.  Well it is now 0030 hours and time for bed.  Night night.