Election 2010 – Banks

A Liberal Democrat Government will ensure that no bank can charge its customers unfairly.  We will outlaw unfair charges.  Bank bosses should return the money they took from customers in unfair charges. 

At the same time the Liberal Democrats have said that they will ensure that high street banks are separated from the ‘casino’ banks of the city.  These banks have cost the people of Sleaford and North Hykeham dear.  The result of their gambling with our money is that we all are now going to pay for years to come.  Locally we lack affordable housing and local small and medium size businesses are struggling to get the finance they need to make their buisnesses grow which would lead to them needing more staff and an increase in revenue to the government coffers.

We are already seeing the effect of the cuts with the loss of the bus service to Doddington.  This will affect young and old alike.

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