10th January2013

10th January 2013

Here is a quick thought for tonight’s blog.  

If the world is getting warmer due to climate change how come I now have to wear woolly bed socks at night to keep my feet warm?

Surely if the world is getting warmer then I should be wearing less not more in bed at night.  But I am finding that it is colder at night.  This is not just a winter thing because I also was wearing them in the summer months.

I know the weathermen/women tonight are telling us snow is just around the corner but the snow does not get into my bedroom.

The only thing John Prescott got right when he was in government was the Kyoto Protocol agreement, which sadly the USofA has not ratified.  If places like China, Germany and Fiji can sign up and ratify how come the UsofA is unwilling to ratify.  Is this another example of words from the UsofA but little useful action.  A bit like their comments over Europe as well. 

However, getting back to my bed socks, is it in fact that the climate change we are experiencing at present is a reduction in temperature around the world or should I just blame my cold feet on the Jet Stream coming from America?

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